PharmaEssentia is committed to uphold the people-oriented concept, attract professional talents in the field of biotechnology around the world, form a high-quality professional team, provide a comprehensive welfare system and competitive compensation, and create a healthy and friendly workplace environment for our employees.

Performance highlights

Corresponding SDGs


A happy workplace

To formulate a work environment conducive to stable retention, we strive to inspire the developments of internal staff through various systems. We understand employees’ expectations through referring to global cultural reports and routine new employee feedback survey to strive for improvement. In addition, we systematically develop and attract external talents to join us through corporate internships, government projects, etc.
In 2021, we recruited 84 R&D and medical research professionals worldwide, accounting for more than 20% of our total workforce. In Taiwan, the growth rate of all staff is 7.96%, a near gender-balanced and the average retention rate is over 90%. For two consecutive years, the number of new female employees has been higher than that of new male employees. It is concentrated in the group under the age of 50, which shows that we fully provide employment opportunities for women and constructed a diversified workplace. As we enter the globally commercialization, our U.S. Subsidiary currently has 75 employees engaged in various functions, ranging from marketing and product sales, medical research, clinical trials, administrative management, and business management.


Competitive compensation and benefits

Competitive and fair salary system

PharmaEssentia is equal towards all employees, and the overall salary does not vary regarding differences in gender, religion, race, nationality, or party affiliation. To stay on top of the biotech job market and to both retain high-performing staff and attract external talents, we also commissioned external consulting companies to research about the average compensations and benefits standard in the industry. Each year, based on the achievement of the Company's annual management goals, the individual's annual performance appraisal and the external salary and benefit survey, performance pay adjustment, promotion pay adjustment and structured pay adjustment are conducted respectively to provide salaries that are better than the industry level. To encourage employees' long-term retention and boost employee cohesion, we also provide profit-sharing mechanisms such as employee stock options, issuance of new restricted employee shares treasury shares transfers or cash capital increase by issuance of new employee shares to motivate employees to co-create innovations and operating performance, as well as to create long-term value. Over the past three years, the total salary and average salary of our full-time employees who are not in supervisory positions (excluding managers) have increased significantly, which is an exemplary of our salary incentive for mid-tier and advanced talents and personnel who have received promotions, as well as our continuous salary increase for our junior staff.

Diversified benefit system


Human rights protection

Human Rights Management Approach

We commit to protecting the fundamental human rights of all employees. We formulate an environment that protects human rights and privacy and identify with and support various international human rights treaties including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Global Compact, and ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In addition, we request all vendors that we have business dealing with to prohibit any conduct that infringes or violates human rights throughout all operating activities, so that all internal and external members of Pharmaessentia could receive fair and respectful treatment. Furthermore, relevant information and communications security maintenance and control measures have also been adopted.To protect human rights and privacy, we comprehensively control and manage information access, handling, transmission, storage, and personnel and equipment safety. And relevant safety and maintenance and control measures have also been deployed over the design and maintenance in the development of relevant application systems, databases, networks, personal computers, and storage and media devices. Specific anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy have also been formulated by our U.S. subsidiary, and we also comply with relevant Federal laws and those from the state of Massachusetts to protect the equal opportunity to employment and to protect their rights. No grievance incident on infringement of human rights in 2021.

【Annual implementation of Human Right Management】 

 The company employs external professional lawyers to strengthen the education and training of all colleagues on the Human Right Policy that the IPO companies should abide by. The implementation is as follows: 

  Training topic:Legal Risk Arising from Wrongful Conduct 

  Date of meeting:12/22/2021


  Participants:all colleagues of Headquarter and Panco

  Number of Participants: 198 ;Ratio of Participants: 85.71% 

  Total training hours:297

Transparent internal communication and grievance channels


Talent training and career development

Management approach on talent training

We are committed to employee development and training, and closely align the individual characteristics and qualities of our employees with the strategic development objectives of the organization by focusing on core functionalities. This would allow us to enhance our human capital, so that human resources can be effectively used to achieve our business objectives, and alternatively, it also allows us to help employees to acquire expertise in their professional fields or refine their management skills, so that they can continue to grow in their career path and achieve synergistic growth with Pharmaessentia. The company also establishes a fair and objective performance appraisal system that is integrated with the development of operation strategy. 100% of full-time employees(each job category, regardless of male or female) from Headquarter and Panco Subsidiary underwent performance appraisal in 2021.

On-the-job Training and Key Talent Development Objectives

Through intensive on-the-job training, multiple learning channels, and overseas training for quality personnel, PEC strives to develop professional talents in the biomedical field. In the future, we will hire expert consultants with the goal of optimizing performance evaluation and developing a talent management system, and we expect to invest millions of NTD toward talent training and development. Through this process, we will identify key quality personnel and focus on training them. This is complemented by a corporate succession system that allows us to upgrade the efficiency of our human resources management and reserve leadership for long-term sustainable management. Promotion rate for supervisory positions from internal staff is 29.79% and Manager retention rate is 89.36% in 2021.


Occupational health and safety

Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety

Workplace Health Promotion

We are committed to reducing the risk of occupational injuries and creating a work environment that allows employees to enjoy a balanced, healthy, and happy environment. Following the footsteps of our Taichung Plant, which again received the " Workplace Health Certification/Health Promotion Label" in 2020, our Taipei HQ also received the 2021 Workplace Health Certification” with a three-year validity, which confirms our achievement in implementing health protection for our employees. PEC provides free routine physical examination to all employees once a year. The examination items are more superior than what is required by the law. This allows employees to understand their health status and key improvements, thereby reducing and preventing from diseases. Moreover, we also invited professional doctors to serve as lecturers in our “Getting to know Cardiovascular System and Preventions” health promotional seminar in October 2021, which was attended by 82 persons, which in 73.87% attendance rate .

Healthy workplace certification/health promotion label at Taipei Headquater

Healthy workplace certification/health promotion label at Taichung Plant

Employees participating in “Getting to know Cardiovascular System and Preventions” health promotional seminar.

Workplace safety maintenance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Workplace Safety and Accident Prevention Mechanism

To respond to various emergencies and for the prevention of industrial safety incidents, the Company has formulated the “Labor Safety and Health Work Rules” and “Procedures for Emergency Responses” to ensure environmental safety and employees’ health. To prevent injuries related to occupational health and safety, the “Industrial Hygiene and Safety Management Rules” and precautions regarding material transportation have been formulated by the logistics center of Panco Healthcare.In 2021, there was no occupational accident in Pharmaessentia and its subsidiaries.

Contractor safety management

The Chapter of Human capital management

PharmaEssentia is committed to uphold the people-oriented concept, attract professional talents in the field of biotechnology around the world, form a high-quality professional team, provide a comprehensive welfare system and competitive compensation, and create a healthy and friendly workplace environment for our employees.

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