Stepping Up Environmental Sustainability: PharmaEssentia Taichung Plant Broadens Annual Greenhouse Gas Inspection

2023 / 08 / 31

The global surge in greenhouse gas emissions due to rapid industrialization and urbanization has ignited unprecedented challenges, including escalating temperatures and a surge in extreme weather events. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, PharmaEssentia has taken proactive measures, aligning with governmental zero-emission objectives and embracing the roadmap for sustainable development set for publicly listed enterprises. Starting from 2020, PharmaEssentia has pioneered environmental initiatives, establishing the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Task Force at its Taichung manufacturing facility and introducing the ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas verification project. Through meticulous assessment of greenhouse gas emissions, this initiative facilitates the identification, measurement, and reporting of emissions and removals, affording a clear insight into the organization's carbon footprint. It empowers the formulation of effective emission reduction strategies and the seamless realization of objectives, in harmony with the imperative SDG13 goals for climate adaptation and mitigation.   

In line with our commitment to SDG13 Climate Action, the initial assessment ambit was centered on the Taichung Manufacturing Center. Over time, this scope has broadened to encompass the entire operational center and manufacturing unit in Taichung. In the year 2022, PharmaEssentia conducted six internal educational training sessions, engaging external experts to enrich employee knowledge about greenhouse gas management nuances, internal verification protocols, and skill enhancement. This concerted effort bore fruit, producing 27 proficient internal auditors. Come August 2023, during the 2022 greenhouse gas assessment project, the Taichung plant executed the established procedures with finesse. All departments meticulously gathered emission data within their spheres, orchestrating internal verification teams that comprised adept GHG auditors. These teams diligently verified and audited greenhouse gas-related data, scrutinizing emission coefficients, GWP values, and collated data to ensure unerring accuracy, while proactively addressing internal verification gaps. Subsequently, accomplished external verification agencies were enlisted to undertake third-party verification, the outcomes of which will be unveiled within the annual greenhouse gas assessment report. This high level of transparency enhances the credibility of the climate assessment results, building stakeholder confidence in the company's unwavering climate action commitment.  

The pursuit of ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas assessment standards has manifold implications for the company. Given the extensive coverage of the Taichung plant in the 2022 assessment, this pivotal year has become the new baseline. Subsequent strategies are grounded in this benchmark year, steering the Taichung plant to blueprint carbon reduction strategies harmonizing with its operational activities. These strategies will incorporate reduction goals and tactical blueprints, all geared towards securing sustainability and amplifying competitiveness in the face of the complex challenges posed by climate change .