PharmaEssentia(6446) earns top ESG scores and announces to release 2021 Sustainability Reports both in English and Chinese simultaneously today

2022 / 06 / 30

  2022.06. 30 (Taipei) (PharmaEssentia, 6446)

·  In 2021, PharmaEssentia was the first year notably invited by DJSI -S&P Global CSA (Corporate Sustainability Assessment ) to participant in CSA and has earned as top performer above 92 Percentile (100 percentile = highest performer)  on ESG issues in the global biotechnology industry. 

·   In 2021, Sustainlytics was the 1st time to recognize PharmaEssentia continuous improvements on ESG Risks Management , acknowledged the performance by reducing ESG Risk Rating to Medium Risk and ranking as 15th  performer ( 1st = lowest risk ) in the biotechnology subindustry. 

   Highlights of 2021 ESG activities and performance 

     Business ethics , integrity and compliance(8 Performance Highlights)

       Voluntary sustainability reporting: Publishing 2021 Sustainability Report in English and Chinese. Obtained third-party assurance
       Information disclosure in line with Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB): Disclose the evaluation of ESG performances
         in line with international standards to ensure the quality and consistency of disclosed information 
       Invited to participate in S&P CSA for the first time: Total score reached 92nd percentiles among global pharmaceutical companies,     
         successfully propelling PEC onto the global market 
       Reached the Top 6%-20%: On the OTC corporate governance evaluation scale 
       TCSA Gold Medal in CSR Report: Received Gold Medal for CSR Report in medical healthcare sector of the 14th TCSA 
       94.7% Attendance rate (Excluding attendance by proxy): Board of Directors fulfilled due diligence in supervision
       83 Patents: Number of valid patents 
       94 Trademarks: Number of valid trademarks  

       Human capital management(10 Performance Highlights) 
       91%: Average retention rate of PEC Taiwan
       69% : Nearly 70% of our employees hold Master’s and PhD degrees 
       49%: Nearly 50% of PEC Taiwan employees have been working with us for more than 5 years
       100%: Completion rate of employee performance assessment 
       100%: Employee reinstatement and retention rate after parental leave 
       100%: Implementation rate of maternal health protection program in Taiwan 
       Gender-balanced: Equivalent number of male and female employees in Taiwan
       58+ sessions 252 participants: Internal and external occupational safety and health staff training in Taiwan 
       NT$2.52 million: Total employee benefit expense in Taiwan 
       0 occupational accident  

       Product quality and patient safety(8 Performance Highlights) 
       4,000+: Comprehensive quality and safety management, standard operating procedures and various plans and reports
       54,168 hours of training  2,234 participants: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)  for Medicinal Products training 
       Top 3 sustainability management priorities for suppliers: Advocated to 177 suppliers 
       100% for 3 consecutive years: All the vendors that required to sign quality agreements, internal assessments and on-site audits were 
       Taichung Plant passed the U.S. FDA’s plant inspection
       Stable and safe transnational supply chain: Established a US market supply
       Pharmacovigilance: Set up real-time global reporting mechanism and adverse event reporting emails: 
       Second BESREMi® Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR): Regularly issues safety reports  

       Environmental impacts(9 Performance Highlights) 
       Zero penalty: No incidents of violation of environmental laws and regulations
       Zero leakage: Toxic substances are properly managed without accidental leakage 
       Zero emission: No Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) were emitted during production process 
       Air pollutant emissions are lower than the legal value: Monitor air pollutant emission data actively
       Reduce CO2e intensity per unit output by 40.5%: Mitigate the impacts of GHGs on the globe 
       Reduce waste intensity per unit output by 21.3%: Improve productivity and reduce the impacts on the environment
       Greenhouse Gas Management: Completed ISO 14064-1:2018 Greenhouse Gas Inventories In 2019, and received third-party certifications 
       Introduction of the Management System: It is expected to implement IS14001:2015 Occupational Safety and Health Management 
         System by 2023 
       7.779 million liters of process water is recycled and reused: Effectively utilize water resources throughout the production process    

         Access to healthcare and medicine pricing(6 Performance Highlights)
       Ropeginterferon alfa-2b (P1101) is used by more than 1,500 PV patients: BESREMi® is now available in 30 countries worldwide. 
         Treating more  than 1,500 patients cumulatively as of December 31, 2021 
       Accumulated certification of orphan drugs for PV in 2 countries: Ropeginterferon alfa-2b (P1101) has received orphan drug approval 
        for the treatment of PV in the U.S. and South Korea 
       Reliable and stable drug supply chain: PEC has built a comprehensive global supply chain and did not receive any incident reports
         related to product quality in 2021 
       Strengthening the medical system and increasing shared value: Sponsored MPN Asia, an international seminar for MPN for 5 
         consecutive years
       Patient support actions: Established "MPNiCare" platform, commenced “SOURCE” program in the U.S., and formulated the first MPN 
          center in Taiwan 
       Engaging in global patient welfare promotional organizations: Supported activities by foundations and patient organizations
         including ASH Foundation, The Hematology Society of Taiwan, and MPN Research Foundation   

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