PharmaEssentia (stock code: 6446) has released its 4th-year "2022 Corporate Sustainability Report"

2023 / 06 / 30

[Taipei, June 30, 2023] 

PharmaEssentia is pleased to announce the official release of its 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report in both Chinese and English. This report presents the significant progress and future vision of PharmaEssentia in the field of sustainable development with clear objectives and comprehensive information. We firmly believe that transparency and sustainability are key elements for long-term growth and success. Therefore, the publication of this comprehensive corporate sustainability report aims to showcase PharmaEssentia's commitments and contributions in governance, environment, and society. 

Since the launch of our sustainability initiative in 2019, we have been planting the seeds of sustainability and have been on the journey of sustainable development for four years. Along this journey, we have come to realize that ESG is not just a slogan or commitment but a transformation of values and culture. PharmaEssentia has been dedicated to making a positive impact in the healthcare sector by providing high-quality medicines and innovative solutions. We have delved into the external impact of our business value chain, assessing its positive influences and negative impacts, and continuously managing, disclosing, and communicating important sustainability issues to convey our commitment to transparency in disclosing significant thematic information to stakeholders. The report covers various important ESG areas, including corporate governance, environmental protection, social responsibility, supply chain management, and innovation research and development. It provides a retrospective of key ESG milestones in 2022 and shares ESG goals and plans for 2023. Furthermore, the report highlights PharmaEssentia's continued investment in research and development, as well as collaborations with stakeholders. The key contents are as follows: 

 In 2022, as a year of communicating the achievements of our sustainability blueprint, we presented a total of 51 highlights and accomplishments. 

 These include five highlights in the areas of sustainable management and practices: 

1.  Ranked in the 97th percentile globally in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) for the biotechnology industry, showcasing outstanding performance in the ESG sustainable development field and receiving high recognition from international sustainability institutions. 

2.  Received the Platinum Award in the Healthcare Industry category at the 15th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA).

3.  Received the Bronze Award for Sustainability Reporting at the 5th Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA).

4.  Completed the transition to the GRI 2021 version, demonstrating our commitment to global reporting standards.

5.  Conducted education and training on climate-related financial disclosure, being the first to introduce the TCFD framework.

  We have compiled the report based on eight guiding principles and have undergone third-party assurance verification. 

 1.   We adopted the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 2021 version of the "Sustainability Reporting Standards" and referred to various guiding frameworks, including

 2.   the AA1000 Accountability Principles, 

 3.   the UN Global Compact, 

 4.   the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

 5.    ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidelines, 

 6.    Sustainability Accounting Standard Board (SASB), 

 7.    the TCFD framework for climate-related financial disclosure, and 

 8.    the Access to Medicine Index 2020. 

 Summary of the environmental and social highlights: 

 In terms of (E) Climate Action, we introduced the TCFD framework for the first time, focusing on climate change as a core issue. We identified the challenges and opportunities faced by the company and developed adaptation strategies and climate actions to ensure stable operations in a changing climate environment.

 In terms of (S) Community Healthcare Promotion, we uphold a patient-centric approach. We organized educational, medical, and academic seminars related to our products at our headquarters in Taiwan and overseas subsidiaries, enhancing patient education and public awareness. We actively provide medical financial support, remove healthcare barriers, integrate health education knowledge, and assist in matching patients' medical needs with various medical assistance organizations. This enables them to access necessary medications and actively engage in treatment. In the area of social welfare, our Taiwan headquarters sponsored three charity events related to carbon reduction, health, and cultural causes, contributing to positive social impact. Our subsidiary in the United States contributes to community integration by donating to charitable organizations and encouraging employee participation in community activities. These sustainable actions have laid a solid foundation for the company's journey towards health and well-being. 

 ESG highlights and performance: 

  Climate and Environmental Protection (6 major highlights): 

     TCFD: First identification of 10 climate-related risks and 7 opportunities.
     ISO 14064-1: Completed third-party greenhouse gas verification for the Taichung plant in 2020-2021. 
     14.8%: 8.724 million liters of process water recycled and reused, reducing water consumption at the Taichung plant. 
     53.5%: Reduction in waste output intensity per unit of product. 
     62%: Reduction in energy consumption intensity per unit of product. 
     No violations: Zero leaks, zero penalties, and no air pollution incidents. 

  Human Resources Management and Development (8 major highlights): 

     Diversity in employee structure, gender balance: Following principles of equality, diversity, and inclusivity. 

     94.74%: Utilization rate of local talents for middle and senior management positions in Taiwan. 

     100%: Execution rate of maternal health protection program in Taiwan for three consecutive years. 

     3 sponsorships: Supporting carbon reduction, health, and cultural charity activities. 

     229 person-times: 33 sessions of occupational safety and health education and training for employees.

     NT$3.33 million: 32% growth in total expenditure on employee welfare in Taiwan. 

      0 complaints: No cases of human rights violations reported. 

      100%: Completion rate of performance appraisals for employees in Taiwan. 

   Medicine Accessibility and Contribution (11 major highlights): 

     3,800+: Cumulative patients using BESREMi® globally. 

     500+: Sponsorship for underprivileged patient groups to access BESREMi®. 

     No.1: The world's first approved PV long-acting interferon-alpha drug. 

     No.1: Assisted in establishing the first MPN treatment center and Taiwan MPN Care Association (TMPNA). 

     MPNiCare: Taiwan patient interaction platform "Good Medicine Harmony" continues to support health education activities. 

     NCCN: Inclusion of BESREMi® in the US NCCN treatment guidelines.

     5 organizations: Support for North American MPN patient groups, with over 8 events held. 

     3,200+: Recorded viewership on US Patient Power platform. 

     40: Beneficiaries of compassionate therapy. 

      0: No adverse recall incidents. 

     89: Valid patent certificates. 

Product Quality and Safety (13 major highlights): 

     NT$1.43 billion: 12.6% growth in R&D expenditure, accounting for 49.6% of revenue.

     NT$32.91 million: ET clinical trials received subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

     PIRC: Established the US investment Innovative Research Center. Japan 

     PMDA: Passed factory inspection (new addition). 

     100%: Signing of supply product quality agreement for four consecutive years. 

     100%: Completion of internal assessment for suppliers for four consecutive years. 

     100%: Completion rate of drug safety surveillance training for new employees. 

     95.7%: Local procurement accounted for over 90% in three consecutive years. 

     83.3%: Percentage of new local procurement in 2022. 

     3rd: PSUR safety reporting after the launch of BESREMi®. 

      0 : No adverse drug reactions or recall incidents after product launch. 

     289 person-times: Beneficiaries of P1101 clinical trials in 2022, totaling over 850 people.

     135,179 hours: Conducted 265 GMP/GDP quality education training sessions. 

  Company Operations and Governance (7 major highlights): 

      2 female directors.

      97.2%: Board of directors' personal attendance rate. 

      100%: Compensation committee's personal attendance rate. 

      100%: Completion rate of rectifying audit deficiencies. 

       0 complaints: No violations of business ethics and integrity code of conduct. 

      100%: Compliance education and training coverage for US employees and suppliers. 

      185 person-times: Established an information security promotion team for 2 social engineering education and training sessions.  

  About PharmaEssentia: 

 PharmaEssentia is a global pharmaceutical research and manufacturing company committed to medical innovation. Through continuous research and collaboration, we strive to provide high-quality medicines and solutions to improve patients' quality of life. We are dedicated to driving progress in the healthcare industry and making positive contributions to society and the environment.

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 This information is for reference only and does not provide a complete description of the company's operations. If the content includes forward-looking information, the company declares that it cannot fully reflect the future governance level, operational performance, or financial soundness of the company.