PharmaEssentia embraces a culture of workplace safety, aiming to enhance employees' emergency response and first aid capabilities

2023 / 07 / 12

PharmaEssentia is committed to continuously enhancing employee safety awareness and first aid capabilities. Through active engagement in "Emergency Response and Evacuation" drills and activities, we have elevated the level of workplace safety and health self-management, fulfilling our social responsibility and striving to create a safe and healthy work environment. 

We firmly believe that the safety and health of our employees are the most valuable assets of our company and key to our sustainable development. Therefore,  PharmaEssentia is built on the principle of "Putting People First," focusing on the physical and mental well-being of our staff. Each year, we organize various educational training programs, emergency response drills, and workplace health promotion activities, fostering a safe, hygienic, and health-friendly workplace environment. 

In today's society, we recognize the utmost importance of prevention. Especially in the face of various potential disaster risks, PharmaEssentia places special emphasis on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issues in our sustainable development goals. This year, we have planned multiple OSH promotion activities, one of which involved inviting external fire safety experts to deliver lectures and share practical case studies, enhancing our employees' understanding of the significance of emergency response and first aid knowledge and skills in reducing risks of injuries and illnesses. We have also conducted emergency response and first aid training courses, enabling our employees to acquire essential skills such as fire extinguisher usage, evacuation procedures, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). These trainings empower our employees to provide immediate assistance in the face of disasters, accidents, or unexpected situations, safeguarding their own and others' lives, ensuring a healthy lifestyle, and promoting well-being, aligning with the SDG 3 goal.

Furthermore, to ensure that all employees receive emergency response and first aid training in various work environments, we have tailored specific courses based on different job functions. This year, a total of 130 employees participated in practical training courses, including 45 males and 85 females, with an actual attendance rate of 96.3 %. This initiative not only enhances employees' awareness of workplace hazards but also strengthens their capacity to respond to emergencies, thereby reducing the risks of workplace accidents and aligning with the SDG 8 goal of protecting workers' rights and the SDG 12 goal of creating a safe and healthy work environment. 

PharmaEssdentia’s Occupational Safety and Health team will continue to organize advanced-level emergency response and first aid training programs to ensure that our employees stay up to date with the latest knowledge and skills in emergency care, enhancing their resilience and confidence. We will continue to advocate for and emphasize safety measures in daily life, ensuring the protection of workers' rights and safety conditions, reducing the risks of occupational diseases and workplace injuries, and creating a secure, safe, and healthy work environment for all. 

At PharmaEssentia , our commitment to sustainable business stems from our core values of innovation, and our innovative drive derives from having a workforce that is vibrant and healthy. We have long prioritized the safety, health, and well-being of our employees, reducing their exposure to occupational hazards in the workplace. This not only contributes to lower operational costs, increased productivity, and competitiveness but also establishes a solid foundation for our pursuit of sustainable development. PharmaEssentia extends our gratitude to each and every employee for their dedication and efforts towards workplace safety and health. We will continue to strive for an improved work environment, promoting personal growth and happiness for every individual staff member.

   Extracts from education and training courses

Name of the program
Emergency Evacuation & First Aid Skills Training (Practical Course)
Description of program objective
Based on recent disasters, this course focuses on understanding the risks of fires, earthquakes, hazardous gases, and other disasters. Participants will learn disaster prevention knowledge, evacuation concepts, and emergency response skills. The training aims to cultivate participants' awareness of disaster prevention, including practical skills such as emergency evacuation, identifying safe exits, and selecting evacuation points.
The course also provides training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED) usage, and other first aid skills to establish a safe working environment.
Quantitative or Qualitative impact of business benefits
  It aligns with corporate governance evaluation and relevant regulatory requirements while supporting the goals of protecting workers' rights (SDG8) and achieving a safe and healthy work environment (SDG12).
  By explaining regulatory content and conducting practical drills, the course helps establish emergency response capabilities among colleagues, reducing casualties and property damage caused by disasters and reinforcing the concept of self-protection.
  Participants who successfully complete the practical drills will receive the "Emergency Skills Training Participation Certificate" issued by the Taipei City Health Bureau.This year, a total of 93 people completed physical first aid skill training and obtained training certificates
% of FTEs participating in the program
  3 physical and online education training sessions were conducted on June 8th, 16th & 28th, each lasting 6.5 hours.
  Target audience and total number: 42 departments within Taiwan headquarters and affiliated subsidiaries, with a total of 135 invited participants.
   Actual attendance: Male: 45 people / Female: 85 people, totaling 130 attendees;  Actual attendance rate: 96.3 %.
  Total training hours: 845 hours.

Number of Management-level Supervisors (Assistant Manager and above) participating in the training
12 people