Improving emergency response capabilities, PharmaEssentia Taipei office has successfully completed the professional training

2023 / 03 / 16

In today's world, the ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies is critical for any organization. In light of this, we invited professional firefighters to conduct comprehensive training programs to equip our emergency response team with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage critical situations.     

The training program, conducted by professional firefighters, focused on establishing emergency response mechanisms and team organizational structures, firefighting task grouping, evacuation guidelines, and identifying emergency outdoor assembly points. A total of 52 employees, 

comprising of 22 men and 23 women, attended the training, with an actual attendance rate of 86.54%.    

The training was aimed at enhancing the emergency response capabilities of the Taipei office, ensuring that employees are well-equipped to handle emergency situations, and reducing casualties and property losses. The training also aimed to create an efficient emergency response team that can respond promptly and effectively to any emergency.   

In addition to the training program, the emergency response team is responsible for conducting professional training, such as fire management

courses, training for personnel responding to toxic and hazardous chemicals, safety education and training for first aid personnel, digital learning for laboratory biosafety, and training for fire extinguisher operation. These professional trainings are expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023.     

PharmaEssentia is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees and will continue to invest in training and resources to enhance their capabilities in responding to emergencies. The successful completion of the emergency response training program demonstrates the company's commitment to ensuring the safety of its employees and creating a safe working environment.   

      Extracts from education and training courses

Name of the program
Educational Lecture on Emergency Response Team of Taipei Office of Pharmaessentia
Description of program objective
The training was aimed at enhancing the emergency response capabilities of the Taipei office,  ensuring that employees are well-equipped to handle emergency situations, and reducing casualties and property losses.
Quantitative or Qualitative impact of business benefits
  Comply with corporate governance evaluation standards and relevant
      regulatory requirement
  Creating an efficient emergency response team and ensuring employee safety
% of FTEs participating in the program
   Participants:20 Rooms in Taipei, with a total of 52 persons invited
   Number of Participants: 45
   Ratio of Participants: 86.54%
   Total training hours:292.5