PharmaEssentia 2022 Sustainability Report Receives Independent Assurance Statement from Third-Party Verification Agency

2023 / 04 / 24

We firmly believe that a high-quality sustainability report can create long-term value and competitiveness for a company, and its importance is on par with that of the company's financial reports. Therefore, as we enter our fourth year of promoting our 5 years sustainability development blueprint, we have implemented rigorous management of ESG material issues by our internal sustainability center, in addition to having each annual sustainability report evaluated and verified by an impartial third party to obtain external independent assurance. This further ensures the reliability and quality of the overall content of the sustainability report. 

Throughout this process, we have engaged with external auditing and verification experts to improve our sustainability and business strategies and management policies, as well as enhance communication with stakeholders. The contribution  of our efforts include improving our ESG management performance evaluations by international institutional investors, meeting the product safety needs of patients and medical units, and attracting and retaining talent, among others. Furthermore, given that our product BESREMi® has been gradually launched worldwide, and the overall operation of the group has heated up accordingly, we have expanded the scope of our sustainability report each year, from Taiwan to overseas subsidiaries. This expansion includes increasing the number of confirmed indicators and quantified content and designing a methodology to draw a matrix of significant themes in accordance with new regulations of international standards. The results of this identification determine the significance level of each sustainability theme, which is then reflected in the content of the report in order of priority. 

To ensure the quality and reliability of our sustainability report, we commissioned an independent and impartial third party.The verification was conducted in accordance with the AA1000 Accountability Principles Standard (Assurance Standard, 2008) v3, using Type I moderate assurance level.

The Sustainability Report announced by PharmaEssentia Corp. covers the operating performance and activities related to the social, environmental,

and economic aspects of PharmaEssentia Corp. in Taiwan and oversea. The verification scopes include sustainability issues, response mechanism, performance information, management systems of information, and the processes of materiality evaluation and stakeholder participation.  An independent assurance statement was obtained on April 24, 2023, providing more trustworthy and reliable sustainability information for stakeholders 

to refer to.

     The Key Summary of the Independent Assurance Statement is as follows:  


              PharmaEssentia Corp. continues to implement an extensive stakeholder engagement program aimed at identifying and understanding 

              stakeholders’ interests and informational needs, which broadly includes issues from all parties. The report disclosed impartially the 

             economic, social, and environmental message adequately to support planning and achieving targets. 


             PharmaEssentia Corp. has published relevant information on sustainable management so that stakeholders can judge the company's 

             management and performance, and has developed and implemented a decision-making mechanism for major issues to accommodate 

             issues from all parties.


              PharmaEssentia Corp. has developed and implemented a stakeholder response mechanism, clearly declared relevant policies and 

              communicated with stakeholders, and implemented responses to expectations and opinions from stakeholders. 


               PharmaEssentia Corp. has developed and implemented a process for understanding, measuring, assessing and managing the impact 

               of the organization, and provided the necessary capabilities and resources, and is committed to the measurement and assessment of 

                the organization's impact on stakeholders and itself, to make a comprehensive and balanced disclosure. 

           Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability 

               Reporting Standards Based on the results of the review, we confirm that the report complies with GRI reporting requirements in terms 

              of general disclosure items and specific topic disclosures, including materiality topic management and disclosure items. Organizations 

              can highlight their positive performance on sustainable development by continuously introducing and combining other international 

              disclosure requirements. 

           Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures 

               Based on the results of the review, PharmaEssentia Corp. has disclosed the impact of climate change on the company's operations and 

               the measures to deal with risks and opportunities. 

           Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Standards 

              Based on the results of the review,PharmaEssentia Corp. has disclosed with reference to requirements of SASB Standards, including 

              accounting indicators and activity indicators, and quantified relevant information that is critical to creating corporate value to support 

              its comparability.


     Assurance Opinion 

         In our opinion, the information and data presented in the Report by PharmaEssentia Corp. provides a fair and balanced representation. 

        We believe the focuses on economic, social, and environmental matters in PharmaEssentia Corp. in 2022 are well represented. 

        Afnor Group has developed a set of protocols for the Assurance of Sustainability Reports based on current practice guidance provided in 

       the AA1000 Assurance Standard (v3) and GRI Standards. We believe that the evidence collected by onsite assessment has exhibited that      

       PharmaEssentia Corp. did follow the guidance of AA1000 Assurance Standard (v3) and GRI Standards core option criteria, and their

       self-declaration in response to the Global Reporting Initiative.   

In the future, we will also plan to cooperate with the authorities to implement the "Key Points for the Management of Firms to Assurance the Sustainability Report of TPEx Listed Companies", continuously improve the confidence level of the Sustainability Report, and increase the credibility of our Sustainability Information.