Our Identification process of sustainability topics

Focusing on the global layout and the pursuit of sustainable development, PharmaEssentia has expanded its diversified perspective and re-identified the Material Sustainability Topics of ESG.In 2021, the " Sustainability Material Topic Questionnaire " was released again. The scope of the questionnaire includes employees of U.S. subsidiaries and external stakeholders. By referencing the AA1000AP AccountAbility Principles , we have formulated PharmaEssentia’s information and management framework for the three major ESG aspects of sustainability. We disclosed comprehensive management approaches and goals based on 11 material topics that our 10 stakeholders are concerned with and continue to monitor and evaluate current performances and future goals. By continuously improving the sustainable value, we hope to find more long-term investors who agree with our sustainable concept in the international capital market.


The Material Sustainability Matrix


Interaction & Response between Stakeholders

In accordance with the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standards (SES) and with the interviews and feedback from all departments, PharmaEssentia has identified 10 stakeholders relevant to our operations. After analyzing the risks and impacts of such topics on our operations, we have formulated corresponding management approaches to regularly engage in sustainability topics of stakeholders’ concern to address their expectations and needs in our operations.

【Annual implementation of Stakeholders Engagement】

 From the operation value chain of biological new drug industry, the company has identified stakeholders and sustainable topics of concern through systematic and complete identification process, information collection, questionnaire interview and screening analysis. In addition, relevant information will be disclosed in the "Annual Sustainability Report" and the representative of the sustainable development center will report to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. Executions of Stakeholders Engagement on the identity of stakeholders, topics of concern, communication channels and response measures in 2021 has been reported to the Board of Directors meeting convened on August 11, 2022 and have been acknowledged and approved by all Directors.


Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder Relations

  • Stakeholder Contact:Executive Center for Corporate Sustainability of PharmaEssentia
  • Telephone:+886.2 2655-7688
  • Email Box:CSR-ESG@pharmaessentia.com